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Nur Syahirah
15 November 1997
Sweet 14

I'been single for 1 year ! And I proud with myself :'/

I'been single for 1 year and I proud with myself !

I proud with myself because until this day I was strong to throught this way ! No liar I still love him but I keeped him into my heart ! I heart you <3 !

                      Oh world ! Thankyouu because be nice to me ! Give me a patient to takes this wayy ! No wonder I still hope for a longer relay. No wonder I always waiting for it ! No wonder I always love my future ! And Hi PMR ! Yess. I'm Candidate PMR ! Hope I will get 5A 3B ! Yeah!
                      Oh Facebook ! Sorry I didn't tell you that I was 1 year been single ! Hye, no one my friend know about this. Only you Blogger ! Please! Be thankful to me ! Ngeee. no need !

Last word !  I'll be proud to be myself !


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